FAQ for ECE Online Workshops with Circle of Ideas

How do I pay and where can I find basic outlines of the ECE online workshops? 

Each workshop is $14.00  and provides two to four hours towards professional development depending on how many assignments are completed. 


Payment occurs with the easy steps of Paypal. Want to begin? Visit the Shop

Why should I take an ECE online workshop? 

Whether you are looking for additional professional development hours to renew your ECE certificate, requiring hours for childcare licensing, or just want to gain some more ideas for taking care of and educating young children, these early childhood online workshops are convenient to your life. We all have such busy lives. You can be in the comfort of your own home, wearing your pajamas, children tucked in bed, and still participate! Or perhaps, you are living in a remote location and workshops are not available, Circle of Ideas offers an option to your community setting. Your workplace and/or home life can be the venue for completing assignments. All the ECE workshops offer information and practical tips relevant to early childhood education.

Will I receive a certificate?

YES. Once the payment is complete, through email, you will receive the workshop information and instructions for small assignments. Once assignments are completed and received, a certificate will be sent to your email address. 


These workshops are self study, which means you can participate at your own pace.

Can I be assured these hours will be recognized for my Early Childhood Education licensing requirements or Clock Hour Training?

Preschool Teachers and Early Childhood Professionals throughout Canada and the United States have successfully used Circle of Ideas' certificates to fulfill training/workshop requirements, including professional development towards ECE certificate renewal. Simply check  if these online workshops are accepted for your requirements as the responsibility of one's professional development does lie with each participant.

In the beginning as we learn to be caregivers and teachers, we borrow ideas from experts in the field.  As we grow, we create and develop. To complete the circle, we share our ideas and experiences. Always, in the middle, the children are embraced by our circle of ideas.

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